Strengthening relationships through Unity, Laughter & Love!

Mission & History

Our mission is to promote the general welfare of women and children through the provision of educational services, health & nutritional services, parenting skills, leadership development skills, and relationship building skills that will strengthen the bond between mothers, daughters, & sons. 


In early 2009, I had a vision to create a social gathering to enhance my relationship with my daughter, Desiree' who was two years old at the time. She inspired me so much, that I realized the importance of creating an organization to build upon our relationship and to encourage other mothers to do the same with their daughters. In August 2009, I held my first mothers and daughters luncheon. Since that time, I've hosted numerous mother and daughter luncheons, family outings, seminars, & events for moms raising sons as well. In January 2012, Mothers and Daughters United, Inc. a non-profit 501c3 organization was created. We've developed programs and events to support and benefit the women and children in our community. I appreciate the continued support and wisdom I receive my mother, Barbara J. Gibson and I will pass this knowledge on to my daughter so she can pass it on to her children.

Best regards,

Cheli Chappell, Founder & President